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09-Nov-2017 22:07

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Forensic attention was cast over these alleged romps. To some dedicated lesbian gossips, this is just where it starts.

You may be wondering how a divorce could possibly boost the profile of both parties. If you had the constitution to sit through one of the kiss-and-tell accounts of Ashley Cole’s supposed infidelities, you’ll have been surprised to see quite what a fanny hound the usually meek Ashley was. While some pop conspiracists feel that the story ties itself up quite neatly there (she, absolved of racism; he, a proven swordsman), that’s not where the theory necessarily ends.

Graeme Le Saux was famously taunted for being gay on and off the pitch, mostly because he read the ended up paying Cole and DJ Masterstepz damages and publishing an apology but the story still stuck.) The bullying sustained from such allegations – from fans and from team-mates – is bad enough, but there are professional ramifications too.

If advertisers, sponsors, even certain clubs get the feeling that you are ‘that footballer everyone thinks is gay’, you won’t find yourself inundated with contracts.

A pop princess and a football champion, whose powers combined made them an unstoppable force in the very lucrative field of selling lottery tickets and shampoo. No longer the spiky little scrapper who picks fights with minorities in nightclubs. The spurned lover with the sad, shiny, zoo-animal eyes.

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However, unlike the Beckhams, the Tweedy/Cole alliance wasn’t built to last. More than mere sympathy though, she now has a new name.Surely there are a hundred things she could have done instead if publicity was her only goal? It’s possible that Cheryl just wanted to get married again – but that’s too simple.And nowhere near as interesting as the other theory as to why this sudden bombshell dropped. But if you’ve got a minute, you should hear it out. And it starts, like all the best love stories do, in a nightclub toilet.Her friend continues to say “It was only later when they were sat next to each other on a bed in the VIP section that they got chatting’.