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26-Jun-2017 03:09

To request a transfer, please contact us on our Contact page and select “Registration” as the reason for your message. If there’s anything that can make cracking open a box of fresh Girl Scout Cookies even better, it’s knowing that you’ve contributed to helping Girl Scouts learn the skills they need to succeed in life and make the world a better place.The other girls of the Teen Club include rocker girl Jett, cowgirl Blaze, aspiring actress Nikki, southern belle Tara, Teen Club President Shanelle, and gossip columnist Switchboard.The other boys of the Teen Club include rocker boy Gig, surfer boy Radley, self-promoter Buck Huckster and Bianca's chauffeur Wilshire.

Although the boys' names would remain into the production of the series, the girls' names were subsequently changed, with "Chrissie" eventually becoming series protagonist "Larke", and "Raven" eventually being renamed "Bianca." The series takes place in Beverly Hills, California, and follows a fictional "Teen Club", consisting of a group of wealthy teenagers, shown to be approximately sixteen years old.

This Very Special Episode is followed by a lecture from Larke about the dangers of crash-dieting and over-exercise.

In the 21st century, Beverly Hills Teens garnered a resurgence of attention from entertainment websites and newspaper columnists reminiscing about their childhoods in the 1980s. [...] Have you given much thought to how many US TV shows market their lifestyles to us on a daily basis through TV shows that speak of the ‘American dream’?

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