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They soon found that they were being a bit naive and had an especially tough time making barrels, a task they outsourced to the Line Material Corp. The barrels they produced were of superior quality and were also used to meet demands for Garand rebuilds.

IHC needed help from both Springfield Armory and Harrington & Richardson engineers to start rolling out Garands that actually functioned.

One of the ways you can identify an IHC Garand is an "LMR" barrel marking.

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The designers have worked in reverse, by first completing the design and only then asking hospital management for advice, for which very little time was given.The Scots took the hint, and not a century later they were highly developed, with their engineering and medicine famous all over the world.So much so that when Japan wanted to free itself from its backwardness, they asked the Scots to help them out. Now, About That Hospital Medical specialists union is glad that finally, a new hospital is in sight.Selecting the company to make Garands was more about its geographic location than its experience with this type of work, of which it had none, according to the story. All the previously made M1s, numbering at about 4 million, were made within a radius of about 60 miles by Springfield Armory in Massachusetts and Winchester in Connecticut.

May 28, 2013. The M1 Garand is an irresistible piece of Americana. Here's what you need to know to start your very own collection.… continue reading »

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However, assembly of M1 National Match rifles continued after that date. In total, the Armory produced 637,420 service grade M1 rifles during this era.… continue reading »

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