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No release date was confirmed for the new beta run, however, it appears that it will be released later this month, during Diablo 3 Season 10.It was also revealed that the new testing period will not be open to everyone, those who are interested will need to opt-in for beta testing.Blood Nova does impressive damage, but this comes at a cost—using this rune requires spending both Essence and some of your Health.Devour (Cannibalize): Devour is a resource-regeneration skill, allowing you to regain Essence by consuming the corpses of your slain foes.

Death Nova (Blood Nova): Blood Nova is one of the five skill runes for the base Death Nova skill.

The Blood Golem is a burly companion who can sacrifice himself to heal you.

Don’t worry—he’ll reconstruct himself right away, and deal sizeable amounts of damage to surrounding foes in the process.

Here’s how: “To opt in, simply visit your Beta Profile Settings page in Account Management, check the Diablo box under Beta Tests I'm Interested In, and then click Update Preferences.

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In order to be eligible to participate in the closed beta, you must have an active Diablo III license attached to your Blizzard account in good standing (i.e.not suspended or banned).“Please note that opting in to the Necromancer beta test does not guarantee you access (especially since invites to our closed beta will be extremely limited), but it does at least give you a chance at joining the beta test.“Beta testers are chosen according to their system specifications, in-game activity, and other factors, including an element of luck.”Those who are lucky enough to be included will receive an email, which will always be sent to the email address associated with the player’s Blizzard account.Apart from getting lucky in the beta choosing system, Blizzard are also inviting key members of the community on a case-by-case basis, although invites to the Necromancer beta test will be extremely limited.The new Diablo 3 Necromancer DLC has yet to be given a release date by Blizzard, although it has been confirmed that the new characters will arrive later in 2017.