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There are others I was less keen on – an alien chat show, a song and dance routine with Obi-wan's ghost, and an "Empire on Ice" musical skit (the songs, set to music from the films, play like bad amateur theatre and the visuals aren't that interesting – then again, I'm not exactly the world's biggest stage musical fan) – and others that start well but don't really go anywhere (Dr. But this variance of opinion will differ from viewer to viewer, and as ever the sketches come too thick and fast for either boredom or irritation to set in.All in all it's a spanking collection of inventive and often hilarious sketches, splendidly animated and enthusiastically performed by a cast that includes its share of original Star Wars cast members – Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams and Ahmed Best – and in the absence of the real thing, a spot-on impersonation of Harrison Ford by Keith Ferguson.Robot Chicken Star Wars was shot digitally, from which an NTSC master was presumably produced for US transmission, from which a standards converted to PAL for its UK release.

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The news that George Lucas is now remastering them in 3-fucking-D is for me final proof that this once creative mind has gone completely doolally.Dolby 2.0 stereo only on Episode 1 but a choice between Dolby 2.0 and Dolby 5.1 surround on Episode 2, but this is not a show where it makes a whole lot of difference whether there's location sound at the back or not, and sonically the two tracks are similar, with a slight bit more finesse on the 5.1.Although in no danger of landing any major awards, the sound on both episodes is clear and well mixed, and optional English subtitles are provided on both discs.() and short pieces that that played in breaks during a Robot Chicken evening on an American channel whose name flew past too quickly for me to catch.

Feb 20, 2012. She'll appear in next fall's highly anticipated Seth Rogen comedy My Mother's Curse, but first we get to. There were a lot of tears on the last day of shooting, and I think I was the most pathetic one, although. Candace Bailey Interview. Let Model Runa Lucienne Give You Some Winning Dating Advice.… continue reading »

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Seth Green dated Candace Bailey. Seth Green. I was voted most likely to stalk Seth Green. What did Seth Green, Simon Pegg love in Geek celebs spill all.… continue reading »

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Release Date 20 February 2005. Abin Sur, Seth Green, "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special". Beast, Seth Green, "Please Do Not Notify Our Contractors," "Especially the Animal Keith. Girlfriend, Candace Bailey, "Ban on the Fun".… continue reading »

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