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You may think you're strong with a wrench, but a socket wrench can twist the head of a bolt right off.

The ratcheting wrench makes tightening and removing bolts incredibly easy. A socket wrench is most commonly a handle with a 90 degree ratchet, along with a set of cylinder shaped “sockets” of various sizes.

This can also be applied to unnecessarily loose sweaters and cardigans if they are being used as outerwear.

However, even if a sweater or jacket is used to layer under a coat, its fit is crucial so as to make a seamless transition from your shirt and pants to your coat.

The lapels or top of a coat should lay close to the neck.

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The fit of outerwear is of great importance because, as the outermost garment, it emphasizes the shape of your body and in many way defines your outfit.

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