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Significantly, England is never mentioned in the epic; indeed, even in Michael's brief resume of church history from the time of the Apostles to the Last Judgment (XII, 502-43) there is no reference to English affairs.On the contrary, with no mention of the Reformation at all--whether in England or on the Continent--Michael's narrative traces the progressive decline of the church from its apostolic purity, a descent arrested only by the Day of Judgment: At first sight the collapse of the Puritan theocracy and final abnegation of the national covenant at the Restoration might seem to have left Milton as a poet-prophet without either a cause or a poetic theme--but such, of course, was not the case.In the first place, having chosen "these British Ilands as my world", he would compose a work of national significance (perhaps on a theme drawn from English history) and would write it in the vernacular. [and] to celebrate in glorious and lofty Hymns the throne and equipage of Gods Almightinesse" (ibid., pp.

After the Lord Protector's death in September 1658, the political situation [117] became acute, then desperate and, finally, hopeless.

He simply turned his attention in Paradise Lost from national to individual vocation and regeneration; as Tillyard succinctly expresses it, "The 'paradise within' is the substitute for the paradise on earth, now proved to be impossible of achievement".

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