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29-Aug-2017 10:29

Far from the Russian winters, American Samantha and her husband Khatawut “Tum” Rattanawong have lived in sun-blanched Ratchaburi province the past eight years.

For 35-year-old Maria, it doesn’t matter what others call her husband.After she fell off of the motorcycle and into love in 2007, Samantha’s love for Tum blossomed at the cadet school among teasing from his fellow troops for courting a farang teacher eight years his senior.Both farang men and women, Samantha said, “feel like a prince or princess” when they first arrive in Thailand.In 2013, Maaike left her home to roam Southeast Asia.

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She ended up on Koh Mak where she met English-savvy Anuchit “Jae” Sittisarigorn, 40. From something small, we found similarities until it became love,” said Jae, an artist who owns the Koh Mak Art House / bar.She calls the 31-year-old her , or Decembrist, because he abandoned Thailand’s perennial warmth for the winters of Russia, much like the wives of the 1825 Decembrist revolutionaries who followed their husbands into Siberian exile.Similar to Maria, Samantha has also faced dirty looks from farang men for being with a Thai man.They married by Koh Mak Beach under the stars and swaying palm trees.

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