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03-Aug-2017 20:52

She’s someone you should pretty much avoid, because this relationship is lacking in honesty.

She can’t offer you advice, criticism or feedback, and seeks to affirm your beliefs simply because she can see it makes you feel good.

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Friends don’t want to make you feel bad, especially when you are already depressed and frustrated.Her advice is based on the belief that everyone can work it out and be as happy as her. She’s going to put everything in a more positive light, and will be focused on getting all her friends hitched—whether to the right match or not.She’s not a bad friend, but she’s too caught up in what’s going on in her own life to take a serious look at yours. ” Friend This is the friend who agrees with whatever you say, negative or positive.If communication is a serious issue for you, though, it's certainly worth speaking about it with him and exploring other options.5.

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He could be irrationally paranoid and ask tons of questions.

So you take solace in the lie, while knowing it doesn’t quite sit right. Sometimes a friend will try to sabotage your relationship, giving you bad advice out of jealousy or insecurity. Here are some of the different kinds of friends you might come across in life, and how to deal with their relationship advice.

In relationships is it best to give sex as an exchange of love or to be loyal, honest n trustful to your lover. asked under Dating… continue reading »

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